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GIS project

GIS project

Here is a nice GIS project template that ESRI was kind enough to post up.


It has some key things missing, the PM plan. But it does contain the charter.

Anyways, take a gander.


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I’ve wondered about reserves and how they fit into PM. Here is a pretty insightful post regarding the 2 more generally know types of reserves. I remember studying for the PMP and seeing maybe 2 other types of reserves.


This is what I need to review more for the exam. I’m thinking since I’m getting an audit, I can study a little more relaxed, but with a sense of urgency. The knowledge area, Cost, I believe is probably the easiest, but we’ll see when I actually take the exam.

Here is a cool graphic I found that helps to visualize PM


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SpatiallyAdjusted blog

This is still one of the top GIS-Centric blogs out there. James Fee has been an outspoken proponent of all things geo. When you get into very specialized areas of tech (ie – GIS, Security, Databases) they tend to be more narrow for the general audience – James Fee tends to break that paradigm. I don’t know him personally, but he’s always been one of the more “real” GIS geeks out there. Here is spatiallyadjusted.com

I remember seeing a list of the top GIS blogs – I think I’ll compile my own:





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I get the microstation dgn file format at least 1x a month. I have googled extensively for a free dgn converter and the same company always comes up – autodwg. This is really ridiculous! I have used arcview to convert, but there is always an error when you try to convert from dgn to shape file.

help a brother out!

here is the link of the company: http://www.autodwg.com/dgn-to-dwg/?gclid=CO-c5PSPlbICFYaDQgodT3AAVg

I thought that QGIS would be able to do dgn conversions, but aonly PRE-V8.


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