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I’ve wondered about reserves and how they fit into PM. Here is a pretty insightful post regarding the 2 more generally know types of reserves. I remember studying for the PMP and seeing maybe 2 other types of reserves.


This is what I need to review more for the exam. I’m thinking since I’m getting an audit, I can study a little more relaxed, but with a sense of urgency. The knowledge area, Cost, I believe is probably the easiest, but we’ll see when I actually take the exam.

Here is a cool graphic I found that helps to visualize PM



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Interactive PMI chart

I came across this on BrainBok PMP. Harwinder links to a post on PMHangout that has a pdf of all 42 PM processes. This is fascinating b/c I need actually write something like this to get my head aroung the PM process. Very useful.

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I’ve only done project management off and on for about 5 years now, but there are several things that I find enjoyable about it.

1. Not dull. Every project has its own challenges/skillsets/pitfalls. It’s not for the weak kneed.

2. You get to work with different people.

3. Sometimes (not always) you get recognition. Hey, you need an ego boost sometimes.

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Six phases of a Project




Search for the Guilty

Punishment for the Innocent

Praise and honor for the non-participants

I had to throw this out there!

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Velocity is Killing Agility!.

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Can anyone tell me the difference between the 2? I know there is a cert for CSM, but wait…there will be a proposal for a AGILE cert from the PMI org.

I would like to delve into each a little bit.

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Look to IT for Process Innovation? – Brad Power – Harvard Business Review.

Interesting article on the Agile process. I’m sure a lot of orgs are going to adopt pretty soon, if not already.

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