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This is still one of the top GIS-Centric blogs out there. James Fee has been an outspoken proponent of all things geo. When you get into very specialized areas of tech (ie – GIS, Security, Databases) they tend to be more narrow for the general audience – James Fee tends to break that paradigm. I don’t know him personally, but he’s always been one of the more “real” GIS geeks out there. Here is spatiallyadjusted.com

I remember seeing a list of the top GIS blogs – I think I’ll compile my own:






I get the microstation dgn file format at least 1x a month. I have googled extensively for a free dgn converter and the same company always comes up – autodwg. This is really ridiculous! I have used arcview to convert, but there is always an error when you try to convert from dgn to shape file.

help a brother out!

here is the link of the company: http://www.autodwg.com/dgn-to-dwg/?gclid=CO-c5PSPlbICFYaDQgodT3AAVg

I thought that QGIS would be able to do dgn conversions, but aonly PRE-V8.


CA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Map and other Government GIS News.

This is pretty nice. I think the CARB is probably one of the more forward thinking organizations out there and this is another manifestation of that ethos.
I am a believer in the GHG tracker, and hopefully we can be able to mine some of this data from Google (maybe as a pre-made Fusion Table)?

Interactive PMI chart

I came across this on BrainBok PMP. Harwinder links to a post on PMHangout that has a pdf of all 42 PM processes. This is fascinating b/c I need actually write something like this to get my head aroung the PM process. Very useful.

I’ve been getting into LISP recently. Pretty powerful and with literally a 5 or 6 statement file, can do wonders when working on a project.

I’ve only done project management off and on for about 5 years now, but there are several things that I find enjoyable about it.

1. Not dull. Every project has its own challenges/skillsets/pitfalls. It’s not for the weak kneed.

2. You get to work with different people.

3. Sometimes (not always) you get recognition. Hey, you need an ego boost sometimes.

say it aint so

sketchup is being bought out by Trimble? The rapture is here…